The wealth in Driffield in the nineteenth century grew considerably due to the completion of a 'navigation' canal which became the main import and export centre for local villages. This increased trade, popularity, commercial business and the construction industry and the financial success of many tradesmen was exemplified at the time through the significant number of villas being designed by innovative architects of that era. In 1860 the site which HIghfield now stands, was formally a Dutch-styled windmill which due to storm damage, was sold to Henry Angas; a grocer and draper who contracted architect Henry John Paul to design a new house named Mill Field Hill.





Highfield House is one of Yorkshire’s finest Grade II listed buildings.

The striking Elizabethan styled Arts and Crafts home has

a rich and varied history which dates back to the early 1800’s.

It has served under many guises from a windmill to a lavish country home,

an Army base to a memorable country club.

It has housed philanthropists, visionaries, villains and Aristocrats.

It has grown and shrunk, been re-imagined, remodelled and reformed.

It has been penned, painted and publicized by famous architects, modern artists and film makers.









Harrison Holt was a leading figure in changes that fundamentally transformed Driffied from a small village to a great market town. As producer in linseed oil and animal feed, he purchased Mill Field from Angas in 1882 and extensive remodelling was undertaken to the house between 1882 and 1893 by renowned architect Temple Moore who transformed it from a Gothic style to an Elizabethan style brick and half timbered villa of varying architectural features. It was at this point the house was renamed Highfield House. Following this, ownership passed to the local philanthropist Alfred Bean. Whilst residing here his influence throughout Driffield build hospitals and local charities.


Since then, the house has been through several ownerships and uses which have all brought about minor changes to its appearance including in 1957, the opening of a country club which ran until 1999 and which a lot of Driffield's current residents still remember fondly.


In 2015 the house was purchased by the Lampard family as a predominately private home but from 2017, The Highfield House will once again be available to the public for a limited amount of exclusive hire opportunities. In order to make this happen Andy & Lindsey have personally designed, furnished and styled every room. Using local craftsmen this grand restoration has seen the uncovering of hidden treasures, the restoration of details and the implementation of modern luxuries. Each of the rooms have been brought into the modern day whilst maintaining their original grandeur and beauty. If you remember how it was, it is certainly worth the surprise of another look!

We are fascinated by the history of Highfield,

if you have any stories relating we would love to hear them.

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